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2005  No-loss Award given by Comp-Sigma.

For demonstrating a commitment to safety,  R. Lemire & Sons received an  award for no workers' compensation claims  for over 48 months with this insurance carrier.

2005 NHTOA Trucker of the Year

2004 NHTOA Outstanding Forestry Activist

For their effort and dedication supporting NHTOA in its legislative battle to enable the states wood energy plants to compete in a deregulated power market.   

Although it ultimately did not pass, the Lemires efforts gained the NHTOA a lot of respect within the General Court and the Governor's office.

2000 NHTOA Outstanding Forest Products Trucker

This award recognizes the business owner who has been in business for at least 5 years and practices safe, responsible and efficient transportation of forest products.

To be nominated for this award, you must have and exceptional safe driving record, have all your trucks and trailers in good working order, have a good relationship with other loggers, foresters, landowners and truckers, and you must secure all your loads appropriately.  


R. Lemire & Sons, LLC
3rd Generation Reputation of Professional Logging