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October 9, 1991


To Prospective Clients:


I am writing in the strongest support possible for the recommendation of the Lemire & Sons Landclearing Company. Their quality of work is surpassed by none, their reliability is constantly present and their conscientiousness about your satisfaction is comparable to your own.


Ed and Roland completed several days of work for me in the Spring of 1991. They came to me with long standing recommendations by individuals I contacted. After defining my personal goals with twenty-six acres that I plan to build on, they conducted themselves each day as if they themselves were going to live there.


I'm an individual who works extremely hard to achieve personal goals and am only pleased when things are done exactly as I want them. My goal was to clear my land of pine trees in order to expose the many views available yet maintain the privacy of my home site. I likewise wanted to keep all available hardwood regardless of size. I was present for the entire first day Ed and Roland worked at my land. Their care and concern to work for my goals and their expertise to do so was even beyond my expectations. From that day on I only met with them at the end of the day to see the changes in views that occurred. Each day, and without failure, they only had cut what I had discussed the day before with them and they went out of their way to maintain all the available hardwood possible. I was in awe of their expertise in carrying out their work.


Of additional importance to any agreement, they were always on-site when they said they would be and always notified me if they were unable to be there for a given day. At completion of their work, they walked every inch with me, at their request, to assure I was 100% satisfied. It is extremely rare to find anyone to do things exactly the way one wants when you work beside them, never mind when you're not present. Ed and Roland, without exception, conducted themselves every day exactly as I would have done the job myself.


I assure anyone that they too will be equally satisfied with their work as I have been. If you have any further questions regarding the recommendation of Lemire Landclearing Company, please feel free to call me and I'll be happy to do so. I can be reached at 487-3378.




Robert R. Kelly

New Boston, NH.





 Telephone (603) 428-3363 * Fax (603) 428-1861


February 23, 1998


To whom It May Concern:


This is a letter of recommendation for the firm of R. Lemire & Sons of Antrim, New Hampshire.


As an owner of a full operation pine mill and lumber yard I am in need of reliable and reputable logging operations to supply us with quality products.

I find that the firm of R. Lemire & Sons significantly helps fill that essential need. Whenever I find our inventory reaching critical levels, I know I can count on Eddie Lemire not only to deliver what he promises but to go out of his way to provide it to me in a timely manner. I feel we have a great working relationship and I appreciate his honesty in what he says he can do as well as his integrity. I also feel comfortable as a local business owner knowing my supply products are coming from a well-established, local, and reputable supplier.


I would recommend R. Lemire & Sons as a supplier with the highest regards.




Donald Goss, Jr.,




September 1, 1996

Dear Roland &  Eddie:

Just a note to let you know how happy my family and I are with the work you did on our wood lot in Henniker!  It's nice to see the land opened up so the next generation of trees may more quickly grow to maturity.  We would readily recommend your work to anyone.

Thank you for the fine work.


Ken French


R. Lemire & Sons, LLC
3rd Generation Reputation of Professional Logging